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Emulating the IBM 1130

Want to have an 1130 of your own? They're hard to find these days, but... you can have the next best thing: an emulated 1130 to run on your very own PC.

We have developed an IBM 1130 emulator based on Bob Supnik's SIMH package (see http://simh.trailing-edge.com/). The emulator simulates an 1131 processor with up to 32KW of memory, the console keyboard and printer, 1132 printer, 1442 card read/punch, and up to five disk drives. It's a work in progress, but it runs Disk Monitor System Release 2 Version 12, and it's pretty fun.

You can download the emulator from http://ibm1130.org/ibm1130.zip. It's been tested on Windows, Unix, Linux and VMS.

Included in the download file is another zip file (ibm1130software.zip) that includes:

  • A compiled version of the emulator and cross-assembler that runs on Windows, with a graphical user interface
  • An disk image file containing Disk Monitor System Release 2 Version 12 (DMS R2V12), Fortran and the Macro Assembler, ready to run
  • All source code for DMS R2V12, including the batch files needed to build it and the 1130 job deck needed to create a clean disk image
  • A few small Fortran sample jobs
  • A few small assembly language programs
  • Some "one card" programs (cold start cards) from Oscar E. Wyss (http://www.cosecans.ch)

The documentation is not yet complete. The file "readme1130.txt" describes how to run the sample programs. The Word file ibm1130.doc, which is unfinished, is the beginning of a detailed emulator and DMS reference. The final documentation will be distributed as a PDF file.

Have fun, let us know what you think of it, and check back with us regularly for updates!