FORTRAN, Assembler, RPG, disk and paper tape operating systems (DMS and PTS, respectively), and a few simple application programs were available for the 1130 when it was introduced. Over time the software library grew to include:

  • Disk Monitor System, Release 2 (DMS or DM2)

  • Paper Tape System (PTS), an OS for small systems with only paper tape I/O


  • RPG

  • COBOL, which compiled its programs faster than a 360/50 and was popular for learning. This was a licensed, non-free product. Wouldn't it be nice (hint hint), if someone at IBM would undertake getting IBM legal to authorize making it available for use with the simulator?

  • APL -- an interactive system that used the console keyboard and Selectric printer with a special APL font. You can get APL in both 1130 binary and source code form, as noted on our simulator download page.

  • Macro Assembler (which still has a few bugs... see the pages on building an simulator)

  • Commercial and scientific subroutine libraries

  • A huge library of user-contributed programs, primarily shared through COMMON, a group of scientific users of IBM computing systems

Third-party offerings included:

  • LISP -- which was implemented by Guy Steele (author of the current Lisp language reference Common Lisp: The Language, Second Edition). Several people around the world worked on getting LISP 1.6 to run under the emulator, and the reward is an 1130 LISP image you can run at home; please check the LISP page.

  • Forth, created by Chuck Moore. In fact, Forth's first implementation was on the 1130, and its name is a result of DMS's five letter limit on filenames; otherwise it would have been named Fourth.

  • A full FORTRAN IV compiler, developed by C. David Morse and Peter Diehr at Eastern Michigan University, and sold by DNA Systems. New: Peter Diehr recently sent us the manual for this, and we are hopeful that someone still has the source on tape somewhere. EMU FORTRAN was originally based on the IBM version but added LOGICAL variables, relational operators, logical IF statements, formatted random and sequential disk IO, full-text error messages, and more.

  • An Algol compiler developed in France. New: We hope to have a copy of this available sometime in 2011.

  • A BASIC interpreter was created, but we have no detailed information about it.

The 1130 simulator, which you may download from the simulator page, includes runtime kits for DMS/FORTRAN and for APL\1130. We have a lot of other IBM 1130 software on disk and punched card, which we plan to archive for your perusal and for use with the simulator.