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Our IBM 1130

Norm Aleks and Brian Knittel purchased Bruce Keller's IBM 1130. This computer was in service at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN from 1967 through 1979. It has 8K words of core memory, a 512,000 word removable hard disk drive (2310 "RAMKit" type), an 80 line per minute printer, and a high-speed card reader/punch. Along with the computer, we received a stack of documentation and schematics, 10 disk cartridges, some punched cards, and an APL typeball for the console printer. We'll be restoring it, scanning the documentation, and archiving as much of the software as we can for placement into the IBM1130.org Library. We're also trying to collect from other 1130 fans the software, lore, and documentation we're missing, as well as information about related computer systems (the 1800, certainly -- others as we can manage).

Documentation, software, etc.

See the library section of IBM1130.org for a listing of all the documentation and software we got with this system, as well as what others have donated.

The 11/30 party

On 11/30/2001 we had a celebration party for our new acquisition. It was a blast, and it'll be an annual event. If you live in the Bay Area or can be here on November 30th, tell us and we'll have you over!

Other subsections to come ...

  • shipping a big old computer
  • photos of the 1131's interior