This page lists software that you can download and run on your own computer. (We plan at some point to reorganize the software and this page. We apologize for the bulky and confusing organization of the current download zip files.)

IBM 1130 simulator

To get the IBM 1130 simulator, download (Updated 23 Nov 2012)

This contains the C source code for the simulator. And, included within this zip file is another zip named that includes:

  • A compiled version of the simulator and cross-assembler that runs on Windows, with a graphical user interface

  • A disk image file containing Disk Monitor System Release 2 Version 12 (DMS R2V12), Fortran and the Macro Assembler, ready to run

  • All source code for DMS R2V12, including the batch files needed to build it and the 1130 job deck needed to create a clean disk image

  • A few small Fortran sample jobs

  • A few small assembly language programs

  • Some "one card" programs (cold start cards) from Oscar E. Wyss ([])

The documentation is not yet complete, however the Word file ibm1130.doc is the beginning of a detailed simulator and DMS reference. The file readme1130.txt describes how to run the sample programs.

Have fun, let us know what you think of it, and check back with us regularly for updates!


  • If you're interested in the simulator, be sure to write us a note and join the update mailing list so we can notify you of software updates and additions. (The list is private, and the mail volume is VERY low, so please don't hesitate to sign up).

One-card diagnostics

Hans B Pufal of ACONIT contributed IBM's "one card diagnostics," a set of seven small programs that can be used to diagnose fundamental CPU problems. Happily, the simulator passes them! A PDF'd scan of the IBM manual is included in the download


If you're interested in the history of APL, pick up (updated 14 May 2007), which contains a Windows executable of the IBM 1130 simulator, an IBM 1130 disk image containing APL\1130 preloaded, and some basic getting-started instructions. (We'll be reorganizing things eventually, so this particular file won't be available forever, but APL\1130 will be). APL is here thanks to John Slazenger, who sent us the APL\1130 binary load decks that made it possible to load APL\1130 into the simulator.

If you're interested in the source code, Robert Marinelli sent us an APL\1130 source deck, which, technically, should be all that is required to make the APL load decks from scratch. In just a little bit of trying we haven't been able to use it -- there are some configuration cards and possibly some cold-start source code missing. Does anyone have any experience with assembling APL1130 from source? Let us know! Or, if you just want to play with it, please download it and the binary load decks, and let us know if you can build the latter from the former. RPG II ======

If you want to check out RPG II, which is pretty much a write-only language, we have a disk image containing RPG, thanks to the University of Stuttgart Computer Museum. Install and test the simulator first, then unzip into the folder with your other DMS disk image file(s). A sample RPG program is included, in file rpg.job. To run it, issue the command "ibm1130 runrpg rpg.job". (Updated 14 May 2007.)

Archiving tools

We also have the following tools available:

  • - Schematics, firmware and software to connect a Documation card reader to a PC through a USB interface, and read punched card decks. We use this to archive card decks.