Systems related to the IBM 1130

IBM 1800

Systems we plan to discuss here include:

  • The IBM 1500, an 1130-based educational system supporting dozens of light-pen terminals with multimedia capabilities—far, far ahead of its time, and a model for later systems like PLATO.

  • The IBM 1800 (shown), a process-control variant of the 1130 with two extra instructions and extra I/O capabilities

  • The IBM System/7, which was used with 1130's for data acquisition

  • The IBM 1620, which is the 1130's most obvious predecessor as an IBM “personal computer”

  • The IBM System/360, which was the development ground for much of the technology used in the 1130

  • Earlier IBM unit-record systems, much of whose technology and mindset percolated into the 1130

  • IBM 1130-compatible systems like the GA 1830/DMS, the CHI 2130, and the DSC Meta-4

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