“11/30” v.03 (1/16/2005)

Guest speaker: Brian Utley

Brian Utley was the 1130's Project Manager during its development and introduction. He also managed the development of several other significant systems, including the System/7, the System/38, and the Series/1, and he managed the IBM PC's introduction to Europe. Over the course of his career he was Director of Small/Medium Systems Architecture, General Manager of IBM Biomedical Systems, General Manager of IBM Boca Raton, and founding member and Director of the Boca Raton laboratory (where the IBM PC was developed). He spontaneously offered to speak at this year's "11/30" party, and it was a great, entertaining, illuminating presentation. Of course, many 1130 fans couldn't make it to Mountain View, so we recorded his presentation and now make it available as a series of MP3s. Start listening by clicking on the first MP3 link below, or simply download this 13MB ZIP file of all of them, 55 minutes total, ready to burn onto a CD! (Set the inter-track gap to 0 seconds if you can.)

When we transcribe the talk and Brian Utley has had a chance to proofread the transcript, we'll post it here as well.

  1. Introduction / “Let's build a machine” 767,035 bytes, time 3:05

  2. “What should it look like internally?” 2,196,099 bytes, time 8:51

  3. The IBM 2315 cartridge disk drive 1,060,258 bytes, time 4:16

  4. Paper tape I/O (the IBM 1134) 546,104 bytes, time 2:12

  5. The IBM 1132 printer 736,831 bytes, time 2:57

  6. The IBM 1800 process-control variant of the 1130 234,409 bytes, time 0:56

  7. The 1130's popularity and place in education and CBT 147,885 bytes, time 0:35

  8. The end of the 1130 -- why wasn't there another? 1,301,813 bytes, time 5:15

  9. Q&A: How many 1130's were manufactured? 222,518 bytes, time 0:54

  10. Q&A: Was the 1443 printer considered for the 1130? 292,002 bytes, time 1:11

  11. Q&A: What was the significance of the name "1130"? 199,494 bytes, time 0:48

  12. Q&A: Who killed the follow-up to the 1130? 58,228 bytes, time 0:13

  13. Q&A: What was the 1130's internal name during development? 139,572 bytes, time 0:33

  14. Q&A: Why was there no way to turn off interrupts? 234,229 bytes, time 0:57

  15. Q&A: How long until you started thinking of the 1130's use in teleprocessing? 489,135 bytes, time 1:59

  16. Q&A: Why didn't you use the System/360 architecture? 524,574 bytes, time 2:09

  17. Q&A: The 1130's place in data processing environments 256,567 bytes, time 1:02

  18. Q&A: The 1130's use in typesetting 155,590 bytes, time 0:37

  19. Q&A: The 4-pi system 51,265 bytes, time 0:12

  20. Side story: floppy disk's rescue from death before use in a product 1,347,229 bytes, time 5:31

  21. Side story: how the PC came to be 1,531,223 bytes, time 6:17

  22. Q&A: how PC-DOS was chosen over CP/M 388,474 bytes, time 1:35

  23. Q&A: how the PC architecture was kept open, including Microchannel discussion 341,169 bytes, time 1:23

  24. Q&A: the IBM 5100 370,744 bytes, time 1:30

  25. Closing remarks: 40th anniversary of the 1130 129,965 bytes, time 0:31

Stuttgart 1130 demo via webcam

The other treat of the day was a live demonstration of another 1130 fan group's system in Stuttgart, via webcam. We have screenshots of the demo and will put some up “soon.”