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We have a library of software on original media, some that came with our 1130 and some sent to us by other IBM 1130 enthusiasts. Over time we plan to archive all of it and make it available for download here; you'll then be able to use it with the 1130 simulator.

Disk cartridges

  • labeled: 1B Public Plotter Subs
  • labeled: "your all purpose disk"
  • labeled: 7A SYSTEMS twozone
  • labeled: 1C (rest is illegible)
  • labeled: IBM ONLY (CE Cartridge)
  • labeled: 2B SYSTEMS
  • labeled: plotter/graphics
  • labeled: 009-SPD
  • labeled: 6A Physics
  • labeled: SOCST
  • labeled: 6E Public Econ 2 / MCREG
  • unlabeled


We have four microfiche listing sets, gift of Doug Jones. Three are source listings for the Disk Monitor System and the fourth covers both the 360 and 1130 ends of the HASP remote job entry system.

  • IBM 1130-OS-005/6, GJD1-3040-02, 07/01/71
    DMS V2M10. Contains the RPG compiler.
  • IBM 1130-OS-005, GJD1-3040-03, 06/15/72
    DMS V2M11. RPG compiler was not included in this distribution.
  • IBM GJD1-3040-4, GSCO-4810, 30 JUL 76
    DMS V2M12. Includes final patches; many are marked M13 though a full M13 release never occurred. This is the version of DMS available for download as source code and compiled for the simulator.
  • IBM 360D-05.1.014, GYB0-0512-0, MAR 70
    HASP Version 2 Listings, Mod Level 3

Punched Cards

  • We have a copy (on loan from John Slazenger) of the APL system load deck; we have archived it and you can get it as one of the runtime kits for the 1130 simulator.
  • We also have a large library of software, gift of Wil Baden, which we have still to catalog and archive.