The most popular 1130 system was a CPU with 8Kwords or 16Kwords of 2.2-microsecond (455 kHz) core memory, a single disk storage device, a 1442 card read-punch unit, and an 1132 line printer. An institution trying to save money could go as low as a 5.85-microsecond (170 kHz), 4KW system with paper tape I/O and no disk storage or line printer. Those willing to spend more had a wide range of peripheral options, from IBM and (as the 1130 increased in popularity) other manufacturers.

We include brief information here on every piece of equipment we know of that was offered for use with the 1130 (except the System/7 data acquisition system and channel-attached devices not generally used with the 1130). If you know of others, want us to correct or add to information we list here, or have other suggestions for additions or changes, please tell us via our feedback page.